The Hammer- Don’t Zzz… on these fantasy sleepers, you shmuck

Now I don’t like to call myself an oracle or anything, but I really can kind of call the future damn easily. It just comes to me; I mean if Bran is the third eye then call me the fourth because I just get these hunches man. My last fantasy title reign came two years ago, so daddy is due for a big season under his belt. I’m not sure how I’m going to win, but I just feel like it’s going to be because of the sleepers that I’ve been snagging left and right like Taco Bell BOGO coupons.

  1. Kareem Hunt- Now this is a badddddd man. A top RB in this year’s draft, Hunt was lined up to back up Spencer Ware to start the year. A recent injury to Ware has bumped Hunt up the the top of the depth chart, a spot that he very well could shine in. Putting up very impressive numbers in preseason, Hunt has all the tools to be a three down workhorse in the NFL and could make a huge splash this year. Look for him in the middle to late rounds.
  2. Kevin White- Everyone hates on my boy Kevin. Now I know that his first two years have been a major disappointment riddled with injuries and herpes (mainly injuries, maybe all) but he’s set for a big year if he can perform. Chicago’s number one wideout Cameron Meredith looks like he’s going to be out for the season, setting up White for a prime role in the Bears offense. While the Bears are going to be led by an unproven rookie, White is someone that you can grab in the last round of your draft with WR2 upside. Da BERS.
  3. Brandon Marshall- He isn’t really a ‘sleeper’ but BMarsh is definitely not on the radar of many fantasy owners this year. A lot of people look at him like the skank from last night: was good while it lasted but it’s over and done with. I wouldn’t put Marshall on that level though, I have a lot more respect for him. An all around veteran, he finally won’t be drawing the top coverage from opposing teams with OBJ standing across from him. And with a brain dead quarterback like Eli Manning throwing the ball on every down like a fourth grader playing Madden, Marshall is bound to bounce back- real ones know how to bounce back.
  4. Jamal Charles- Jamal truly is a fallen angel of sorts. He had the NFL in his hands just a few years ago, being able to slash and cut through defenders like he was in Friday the 13th. But then, he got hurt, and then hurt again, and then again, and by the end of it he was just a fucked up shell of his old self. Now in the mile high city, he finally has another chance to show that he’s still got it. Now not for nothing, but is it a coincidence that Charles, an injury plagued RB, landed in the state that weed is legalized? Think that will help your injuries, big Jamal? You’re not that sneaky, I’m picking up what you’re putting down.
  5. Allen Robinson- ARob does play for a piss poor pitiful team, but he is a mammoth target. He reminds me a lot of Brandon Marshall in that aspect. However, he has Bortles under center who has a cannon and if he bounces back this year, then ARob could bounce back as well- the Big Sean BOYSSSSSS.

Please voice your concerns should my advice turn sour. I cannot be held financially responsible though. Hammer down.


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