The Hammer- What did we do to deserve Kendrick?

Last night was the 2017 VMAs, and it opened up with a bang. Kendrick opened the show by literally letting his wang hang down on the stage loud and proud while he tore up renditions of his songs DNA and Humble. The video is below and it’s honestly something that you just need to see.

Now if your eyes didn’t just melt like an old candy bar you find in your pocket and your ears aren’t bleeding like ebola, then I’m glad you’re still with us. This performance really is just another display by King K proving that he is just the best rapper in the world. Everything from his attire to the decorations on the stage even to just the passion he puts into his lines, he just killed it- shoutout OJ.

While I watched this live, all I could do was just sit there and genuinely just laugh out loud. I really couldn’t believe that a human was capable of putting on a show like that; maybe Kim K and Ray J, but this performance blew that out of the water. I really just don’t understand what we did to deserve Kendrick Lamar. There are singers, there are rappers, there are bands, and then there is Kendrick Lamar- just stand alone like that weirdo at a party. He has a song for everyone, being a four way intersection for all people, thoughts, emotions, and topics. A true goat.

Hammer down.



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