The Hammer- I.T. Needs Compensation and He Needs it Now

If you’re a Celtics fan, you’ve come to appreciate all that Isaiah Thomas has brought to the city of Boston. Being a joke in eastern conference just a few years ago, I.T’s rise to superstardom made waves throughout the NBA and culminated last season by leading the Celtics to the eastern conference finals against LeBron (everyone knows Delonte West banged your mom) and his posse of boners.

Expectations for the C’s this year are higher than white trash in Colorado and IT will surely continue being the heart of Boston. Now when you’re the star of a basketball team and a city, you have to act like it. The Book of Isaiah and having a slogan like “the slow grind” was a good start, but IT needed to be more of an asshole if he really wants people to look at him as elite tier.


Just look at so many of the all time greats… Kobe Bryant: cocky basketball ASSHOLE. LeBron: hour long special just to announce what team he’s signing with, basketball ASSHOLE. Dennis Rodman: Not an all time great, but a useless basketball ASSHOLE.

For IT to make that next jump, he needs to be an ass. And I think he realized that and finally wanted to make that next step. This past week Thomas took to his twitter to complain to Delta airlines about his experience on a recent flight.

Making 6 million dollars a year as a base salary, I doubt that Isaiah REALLY needs compensation for his flight with Delta. In fact, I think he knew what he was doing all along. Pick the shittiest airline company possible while anticipating something to go wrong, just so that he could take to Twitter his concerns and make an ass out of Delta (and a little bit himself).

A good step in the right direction IT. And now that we picked up white boy Gordon Hayward too, we’re gonna need someone to help remind people that the C’s aren’t just a team of green panzies. Keep ass’ing it up Isaiah, make it a slow grind.

Hammer down.




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