The Hammer- America’s Struggles Through the Lens of a Simpleton

I’m not one for serious talk- in fact, quite the opposite actually. One conversation with me and I’m sure that you’d be asking yourself “Is he on the spectrum or is he just that immature,” something that I have come to half-fully accept. However, this past week has sparked a serious nerve with me, something that doesn’t happen all too often. Since the tragic happenings in Charlottesville, there has been an obvious uproar by everyone with a basic moral compass. I mean seriously, I’m sure that there are even gang bangers and child molesters out there that are ashamed of the actions taken by the white supremacist groups. Since then (only a few days ago mind you), there have been even more acts of hate like the defaming of the Holocaust Memorial in Boston, and even the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

A sad truth about life in the states is that acts of hate will happen- I tell my friends that no one likes them and that they belong on the Biggest Loser all the time. But it is no coincidence that these happenings have all happened one after another in such a short span of time.

Since the Charlottesville riot, the public has not kept quiet searching for justice. The neo-nazi, white supremacist groups have been denounced by anyone and everyone, statements have been made, and hate has been rejected. Yet, the conflict is still there. It is almost as if the country has forgotten the possibility of a world war that was arising only a few days ago and now focused all of its energy on itself. (Side bar: if this article is all over the place, it’s because it is not an article. Just a look inside my mind. Fuck right off)

While the question that many people are asking is how the country can rid itself of terrorism and hate, the question that I can’t stop asking myself is how we got here in the first place? Now I’m not being literal, you dumbass. I know that our ancestors had slaves, years of America being fucked up, yada yada yada. Yes, the country has a history filled with hate in itself. So when people ask the question of how there is still racism in 2017, it was just 50 years ago the country was hosing down the black community on the streets so I’m not the least bit surprised that there are some straggling shmucks still left that are bothered by the idea of more than one race (probably because they can’t count too much higher.)

Life in this country would be so much better if Congress could just pass a law that exterminates all bigots (and bandwagon Warriors fans) from the country, but it’s just not that easy obviously. The unfortunate reality is that there ARE two sides, but it is not a right versus left view like our ever so intelligent president would say. It is hate versus non hate, bigots versus the rest of the country. While it sucks so bad that hate is still present, it’s my belief that there will be a time where bigots will be such a small percentage that they will be embarrassed to share their unacceptable, harmful beliefs. The way that it should be.

This brings me to the biggest point on my mind though: would racism and hate crimes be a thing if race and religion were given no power? What I mean by this is imagine a world where absolutely no power was given to race and religion; they still are a thing, people will always be able to see skin colors and there would always be spiritual beliefs concerning the dawn of time. But what if they didn’t matter?

Religion is just a set of beliefs, right? A preference of what you choose to believe in. Jews prefers to believe one thing and Catholics prefer to believe something else. Islam likes tomato while Scientology says tomatoe. Whatever. So why does it matter for everyone to agree?

I’ll put it a simpler way: the world can be separated in to people that support pineapple on pizza and people that don’t like pineapple on pizza. The two sides definitely argue about it whenever you’re drunk and calling Dominos, but you don’t see the plain cheese pizza side lighting torches, forming riots, and killing everyone that likes pineapple on their pizza. Instead, it is not even a discussion unless you’re ordering a pizza (F U if you think pineapple is disgusting on pizza though, I’ll come to your house and kill you personally.)

They’re pretty far apart, but why can’t religion be put in the same light as pizza? Why can’t race? Why are there some people that still insist on depriving and harming those who just like pineapple on their pizza. When will people finally realize that IT DOESN’T FUCKING MATTER.

People have different life styles, different views, different cultures, different things, keyword: DIFFERENT. But one thing that is the same is that we all are born and we all die, so who is to say that we all have to spend the time in between doing and believing the same as one another? Let me eat my damn pineapples on my pizza and you can eat your anchovies on yours (Yeah, I know this article went sideways from where it started, but I gave you a heads up that it would, right?)

Hammer down.


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