The Hammer- Bryant Freshmen Dribbles out the Clock… Good Idea Except Your Team is Down 1

This past week, Bryant University faced off at Brown in a college men’s basketball ‘showdown’. Now I’m not sure that I would have attended this game if it meant being payed a hundred bucks and getting a quickie under the bleachers; this game just wasn’t worth my time.

However, there was one memorable part to end the game. As Brown broke through Bryant’s iron curtain-like defense for an easy layup, they would be ahead by 1 point with 3.7 seconds left.

Rather than dribbling the ball down court as fast as possible to get off an attempt at a shot, the obvious logical second choice is the dribble the time out and throw the ball in the air to celebrate the big loss.

Yes, freshmen Ikenna Ndugba truly f***ed his team. Oh, he f***ed them hard. And it wasn’t even like it wasn’t noticeable. Bryant was F’ed in the A.

I’m sure that Coach O’Shea will put an end to silliness like this, making the team do wall sits and suicides as he throws clipboards and basketballs at them like targets. And you can bet that Ndugba is getting a clipboard to the neck.

The clip of this ending, an ending that I would argue was better than the finish of Nova vs UNC for the national championship last year, can be found at:

-Hammer Down


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