The Dean – Klay Thompson Chill out bro

Klay Thompson went absolutely OFF yesterday. Like OFF. He scored 60 points in just 29 minutes and Steve Kerr had to take him out, which is what I mainly want to talk about.

Klay, why’d you have to do that to the Pacers . Why you gotta do it to them. The poor team is a game below .500 and they have a family. You know whats going to come up now on every holiday that those players attend now, with their family? Let me explain. So they’re going to be all around the TV on christmas watching the basketball games then Paul George’s grandfather yells out “Hey boy” Paul looks over, “Remember when your sorry ass gave up 60 in only 29 minutes to Klay Thompson. That little light skinned boy”. Just embarrassing.

Even Steve Kerr was like “Klay, come on bro they get it you can score now go play with your thumbs on the bench”.

In all serious though I’m all about killing an enemy while they are down. Never let them get the chance to breathe. Klay’s a great player. He’s great at shooting off the dribble, very good in transition, and can also get to the basket easily. Great game from the Warriors and look out cause they are looking very good.


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