The Dean – Game 1 Recap


Game 1 had nothing we expected happened other than the final score. Steph Curry and Clay Thompson combined for only 20 points yet the Warriors beat the Cavs by 15. Yeah I know I’m biased against LeBron, but I know how to talk sports so lets go.


Key Stats

Cavs Bench- 10 Points               vs               Warriors Bench- 45 Points

LeBron                             4 turnovers with 2 in the fourth quarter

Mo’ Buckets                  0-2 with 0 Points (Dream big baby dream big- keep shooting Mo’)

Shaun Livingston        8-10 with 20 points

Delly                                1 nut shot

Steve Kurr                      1 broken clip board


Warriors Game Plan 

Everyone talking about the Warriors offense is correct in saying that they are insane, but it’s their defense that is getting it done. Andre Iguodala hasn’t been completely shutting down LeBron but just enough to get other Cavs involved. Even having Steph and Klay switched up on Kyrie seems to be working as Kyrie shot less than 33% from the field.

Their offense is also quick in the fact that they could be down 5 and then they hit a couple threes to get going and then all of a sudden, three minutes later they’re up by 10. Haven’t seen anything like it but it’s something special.



LeBron overall didn’t have a bad game, but compared to last years final he hasn’t played to expectations. Understandably knowing that Kyrie and Kevin Love are both back. But, if the Cavs want to win this series and I hate to say it, but, LeBron needs to take over and average like 30 10 and 10. That’ll get guys who are not used to the Finals’ stage going then we can get a good series. If not, I expect the Warriors to steamroll Cleveland again this year.



Warriors win series 4-2



(Photo from Barstool Sports)


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