The Hammer-Best Sayings Ever Made

There are a lot of sayings in the English vocabulary that just have a certain ring to it and roll off the tongue well. This will go over some of the best saying in all time history. Now just be warned that some of these sayings may just be a manifest of my imagination, but here it goes anyway:

“It doesn’t matter what your name is!” – Now this quote is fricking awesome. Derived from Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, using this quote automatically ups your social status and adds about 3 inches. If you want to be the most important person in the room, or at least feel like you are, then this is the thing to say.

“Ya girl”- This is an ultimate knockout blow. No coming back from this one. You could say this is literally ANY context, and it’s a solid roast. You think differently? Well ya girl begs to differ.

“That’s what she said”- Hilarious. It never won’t be hilarious. This joke is timeless. I’m laughing a that’s what she said joke at the moment actually.

“Everyday of the week and twice on a sunday”- This is wicked good to use when trash talking. “Bro I’ll beat dat ass everyday of the week and twice on a sunday”… I’d be intimidated hearing that.

“Oh shit whaddup!?”- This isn’t really a saying so much as it’s a meme, but it’s still great to use as a saying. You can use it in a lot of social contexts and it’ll make sense, for instance if you are greeting someone, are excited about something, or surprised about something. Here come dat boi, oh shit whaddup.

“Well”- May just be a word, but it’s way more than just a word to me. Well is a lifestyle. Well… I don’t know what else to say about it. It’s just something you get or you don’t I guess.

“NAHT”- Great saying to say. So funny. Probably one of the best punchlines that you could give. “Yeah baby, I’m late on my period… NAHT! HAHA GOT YOU”. I’d laugh.


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