O – 8 Ball pool hacker 


Well I’m actually mega butt hurt right now. I just lost a 100k game in 8 ball pool to a hacker… I had a little over 200k coins and my friends in physics were just like ” Eric you wont play a 50k game” so I did. And I won. Easily. Then I had over 250k coins and my friends were like “if you play a 100k and you lose it will only feel like you lost a 50k.” I was hesitant at first but I was on a 9 game win streak so i was feeling confident. I get into a game and don’t even get to shoot a single time.This dude actually hacked the game so he never had to call a pocket on his shot and even if he missed a shot, I didn’t get a shot he would get to shoot again.

I mean ya I get it it’s a game on a phone but like I’m actually pissed. Who hacks a iPhone app to win virtual money. That doesn’t even seem fun to me. There’s no challenge what so ever and you win every time. In the time spent writing this blog I’ve already contacted Miniclip support and I hope to bring this scumbag to justice. I’ve dropped around 15$ total on this game to get my scorpion cue and that was 15$ well spent. This game is really fun and I don’t want it to be ruined. I don’t want the 15 I’ve spent on this game to be wasted. 


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