BDek – Stop Gassing Up Lebron’s Dunk


If I see one more person gas up this Lebron dunk I might just bug out. In case you missed it, here is the video:

When you watch the video, you’re like Ight whatever Lebron just threw one down, no big deal. But some photographer snapped this pic mid dunk:

And that’s when all of America nutted themselves simultaneously. I have seen constant coverage for the past 24 hours or so about this dunk. But I honestly don’t get the hype – if you dunk it that hard against the rim it isn’t that clean of a dunk. He basically got rim stuffed inside the basket. He’s lucky it didn’t rim out and go flying down court. And so what he indented the ball, have you ever seen basically any slow motion video ever? That’s what’s gunna happen. There’s air inside that thing, that’s how it works. This is just the perfect thing for the average Lebron dick rider to salivate over, him slamming the ball against the inside of the rim. Then again, I might be a little biased cause I fucking hate Lebron James. Just the most hateable player in the NBA. But I think everybody can agree this this dunk is being blown out of proportion. Chill the fuck out America. I thought you were better than that. 


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