The Dean – The Truth Behind Progress Report Comments


As progress reports come out students are worrying about the meaning of the comments teachers leave them. In order to help all of you out here are the true meanings of progress report comments.

Satisfactory Work – You’re not doing bad. You’re not doing good. Just keep riding the wave bro.


Work Needs Improvement I know its the end of the year and you’re starting to slow down, but just help me out a little here I need to look good here.


Pleasure to Teach Thank you for trying so hard in an elective class.


Good Student– I really can’t think of anything else to describe you.


Positive Attitude– You really like this class for some reason.


Fails to Makeup Work– I’m trying to help you out to pass, just come in after one day so we can get you to pass.


Outstanding Work– Hardo.


Attentive in Class– Stays awake.


Participates Well– Raises their hand once in a while.


Excessive Absences– Goes to Dunkin before school way too often.


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