The Dean – A Review of Junior Prom

Lincoln held its billionth annual prom at the Crown Plaza last Friday and to say the least it was an interesting night.

We started off the night on one of the craziest party buses of all time. Some people think they are overrated and I partly agree, but when you get on that bus and you see the striper pole… something inside of you takes over your body.


Look how happy he looks. Gripin that pole looking to booty drop to Work by Rihanna. The party bus was also great because none of the seniors had to pay. No cost + stripper pole = mucho fiesta.

Then came the actual dance. For people that don’t know, the Crown Plaza’s main banquet thing is outdoors under a giant fucking tent. Pretty cool, unless its pouring rain and you don’t know whether or not you’re going to be right under the section of the tent that pops due to rain. There were multiple sections of the tent that were dropping down because of all of the heavy rain. It was kind of a positive thing though because it added suspense. We were all having fun and at any time we could have been covered in water.

The DJ was an interesting character. Rocking a white short sleeved polo shirt with an orange tie. Wasn’t sure whether I was to request a song when talking to him or ask him  for help with my math homework. You gotta own it if you’re him though. Call himself DJ Geo or something.

The teachers then came in fashionably late. Here’s a little slideshow to make you smile.

IMG_0510IMG_0508 (1)


Now I’m not gonna say who each one is but let’s just say one of them is a tennis coach, the other an energetic dance monster that, at the end of every song, took another piece of clothing off (from suspenders, to bow tie, to glasses etc.) , and the last is a mother.

Lincoln always hosts the greatest dances and everyone there always has an awesome time. Long live Lincoln  and the Senior Sweep.


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