O – Rip in peace but I Did Predict This 

I am absolutely disgusted, however I did predict this happening. Since my post yesterday about the bison calf being taken into the car, the calf has been euthanized. No big deal, but i did predict this. You wanna know why?? It’s because it’s family rejected him after being in contact with the humans that took him. Not like I predicted this or anything… I knew this wasn’t only for birds. What was the punishment for the humans that tried to keep the furry bison warm? Only 110$. This is absurd. I kinda predicted this. I’m not sure if I’m more angry at the humans for taking him or for the officials for putting the bison down. I know I did predict this but I am still very saddened by the death of the bison. I called his death yesterday and today we mourn. RIP to a true homie. Rip in peace lil b.


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