The Hammer- Your Ass is Grass, Sonic

This past week I went to Sonic ordering just two cheeseburgers and a master blast shake at a time with not too many customers in the store. Guess how long it took to get my food… Go on, I’ll let you think about it…
45 minutes. 45 stupid ass minutes. Not even 45 minutes of just being with my friends so it wasn’t a big deal, it was 45 minutes full of some weirdo on skates staring me down, talking shit to me about that Sonic grind. Bruh I do not give two flying dildos about how many people are in the drive thru.
Is there no 30 minutes or less rule at Sonic? Like you call yourselves fast food and try tricking into that entitlement by wearing flaming skates and helmets. Let’s see if the term ‘fast food’ holds true in the eyes of the court system, you bitchs.

No more will I wait 45 minuts for a shake and a cheeseburger. You’re lucky I’m leaving my home of Chili’s to bless you with my eating skills. You advertise yourselves as America’s Drive Thru, but in reality, you’re just America’s Dirt Road.

Hammer down.


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