The Hammer-Is Drake Actually Funny?

This past Saturday, Drake was the featured star on Saturday Night Live. Performing the likes of a mock skit based off of his diss song “Back to Back”, Drake showed us a side of him that honestly left me appalled. I’m used to the lame ass Drake that running up and down the sidelines of a Toronto Raptors game or listening to Marvin’s Room as my tears drop down onto old photo albums. Not the Drake that is showing some hilarious physical humor and acting. It makes you wonder if something happened to turn Drake’s attitude around.

I think that maybe Drake started keeping his family a little closer *insert horn noises here o shit waddup*. It’s clear that Drake is much happier than in his past Take Care days, dropping collaborations songs with Future or dropping songs like One Dance or 9. However, Drake doesn’t have a girlfriend at the moment, so what could be keeping him and his music more positive?

My theory is that Drake got a little girl puppy and named it his ex’s name so that he could chuckle to himself every time he called his little bitch by his ex’s name, since Drake is an immature five year old on the inside. Like honestly, if Drake was a Pokemon, he’d definitely by Jigglypuff.

I don’t have a problem with this new funny, positive side in Drake though. It’s giving us some absolute BANGERS and some funny moments. Keep it up Drake, pretty cool shit.

P.S. Isn’t it ironic that the high point of Drake’s career is when he made Take Care, but whenever someone listens to Take Care it is because they are at a low point? Spooky stuff man, spooky stuff.

Hammer down.


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