BDek – The Extremely Unfortunate Demise of Johnny Football

Johnny Fucking Football. A true American legend. Most electric player in college football history. Made All-American defensemen look silly every Saturday while probably still hungover from the night before. Wins the Heisman as a true freshman, and probably should’ve won it again as a sophomore. Declares for the draft, and slips all the way to the Cleveland Browns at 22nd overall. They even did that thing where you bench your rookie quarterback so he’s ready by his 2nd year. What could go wrong. 

And honestly I don’t have an answer to that question. After sitting back and watching McCown make a fool of himself for half the year, Johnny finally got a shot. And he didn’t do all that bad. Heck he did a pretty good damn job. But because the NFL is full of a bunch of pussies, the man is unemployed. So what he’s a drunken mess. So what he’s “immature”. You ever hear those old stories about Babe Ruth? Used to be out all night partying then whack 2 dingers over the wall the next day. That’s the kind of American hero athlete we need today. And Johnny should be that guy – key word is SHOULD be. I think that the image Manziel created is indeed his fault. But not a single team taking a chance on him? Plain foolish. Tomfoolery. It makes me upset to think that Johnny Manziel may never play NFL football again in his life. I think the only thing that could make me more upset is if he ended up playing Arena Football or Canandian Football. That’s when you know a player has hit rock bottom. The only thing those leagues are good for is feel-good stories of players who make the jump to he NFL, like Kurt Warner or Cameron Wake. It just doesn’t work the other way around.

I don’t want to admit it but Johnny Manziel may be washed up. He may never step foot on an NFL field again. All we have left of him is ridiculous highlight tapes from his A&M days. Just try and watch that one without getting chills once or twice. Not possible.

P.S. – I was holding back tears the entire time I was writing this. Just a very hard subject for me. 


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