O – Messin with Bison 


So yesterday some very caring nice people were driving around yellow stone national park when they came across a bison calf that apparently looked cold. I’ll have you know I have been to Yellowstone before and yeah it’s cold but there are also hundreds of bison roaming around and they have lots of fur. Being cold is just a way of life for them. These people though decided to take the bison calf and put it in there car. HAVENT YOU HEARD THESE STORIES BEFORE PEOPLE. When a human touches a wild animal and they try to return it back to the family it gets rejected and probably be raped in the ass or something like that. This could just be with birds but that’s not the point. I’m trying to think of a human example of this but there’s not really one. If a human takes in another human baby because they are lost and cold that could be considered heroic, but it also could be considered kidnapping. The moral of the story here is if you are in a national park don’t go screwing around taking animals in your car because they look cold. There gonna return the lil bison and the other bison are gonna torture it because it has human cooties. RIP lil b. 
Picture :(Karen Olsen Richardson)


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