The Dean – Please God, The Cleveland Cavaliers cannot Win the NBA Championship

They say hate’s a strong word. I hate LeBron James. There isn’t a more arrogant person on the planet. Even during his stupid Zero-Dark Thirty 23 thing were he’s supposedly off social media, practicing 24/7, he slid into an Instagram model’s DMs. Smh, he should be practicing, he hasn’t even lived up to my expectations.

Let me describe someone to you. 6’8″ 240 pound kid from Ohio. Averages 30 points 10 rebounds and 5 assists coming right out of high school. Already I’m expecting at least 5 championships and 1 billion dollars from Nike. He’s already gotten one of those and now its time to get the other.

I’m worried this year because no one is talking about the Cavs. NOBODY. It has been all about the Warriors and the 73 win. That scares me because that just lets Cleveland sit and win their two series in two sweeps.

If the Cavs win this year beating the NBAs best Warriors, then it’ll be a bad scene. The last thing LeBron haters had to hold on to was that he cannot get it done in the finals, that and he couldn’t even get into like Devry University or University of Phoenix. Please God, don’t let the Cleveland Cavaliers win the NBA Championship.



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