The Dean – Ranking the Easiest Jobs in the World

Overrated, easy, luckiest people on earth. Tomato, tomáto. We’re talking the same thing here. Let me remove the facade to reveal the easiest jobs on the planet.


5. Instagram Models

This is kind of a touchy subject because as much as I wanna hate on insta models because all they do is work out and take pictures, everyone needs them in their life. Instagram models are a necessity. It’s kind of like vegetables or sonic cheese fries. You don’t really like it and they’re kind of disgusting, but you know that if Sonic said they were discontinuing cheese fries then we’d all be like “Damn bro I’m gonna miss those”. Plus you can always tell when someone is scrolling through instagram and sees one of those pictures. First the eyebrows go up, then they give that little smirk, and then finally they look around to see if anyone was looking at them double tap the picture. Although its an easy job… long live instagram models.


4. Priests/ Rabbis

I’m not a very religious guy because I would be on the streets broke if I donated all of the money that the church asks for. This might just be me thinking this but don’t priests get their house and all of their food paid for? Even if not, they are still beloved by elderly women who show up every Sunday singing their little oxygen tank filled lungs out. Plus, They don’t even have to memorize the prayers. They can just keep a giant book with them at all times, AND they don’t even have to carry the book around themselves, someone else carries it for them. I don’t appreciate the hustle but I respect it.


3. AP Class Teachers

I already know people are going to read this and say “what are you talking about they have so much to teach in such little time,” blah blah blah blah. You know what. There’s three words that I think of when I hear AP. Smart, quiet, and nerds. No kids get out of hand. No kids even dare to talk without raising their hand. Plus all of the kids are getting A’s even though you barely even teach them. Just put stuff on the board, be a shitty teacher, and let them learn units themselves from the book. Sign me up.


2. Supreme Court Justices

Very hot take coming at you right now. But this just seems so simple to me. When you label yourself as either a Democrat or Republican, don’t you just have to vote on the side of whatever your party says? Either that or just vote for what the people want and vote on the side of common sense. For example, when voting if schools should be segregated or not, the supreme court voted 9-0 to not to segregate the schools. Like no shit everyone could have made that decision. Plus when they vote, they just have to say yes or no. I do that all the time, like seriously give me a challenge.


1. Vice President of the United States

Image: Joe Biden
Vice President Joe Biden gives two thumbs up Monday, Aug. 13, 2012, during a rally at the Durham Armory in Durham, N.C.

There he is. Good ol’ Joey B. You just can’t hate on a guy that got so far doing so little. I mean the toughest time that he’s had the past 8 years is when the secret service guys joke around with him and they act dead serious saying “Mr. Vice President, we have reports that the president has been shot, you’ll need to take over now” and then wait like 20 seconds while Joe throws up from how nervous he is just to tell him that they were just joking and he can relax. Gotta love Joe though. Ever since he laughed Paul Ryan off the stage in the VP debate in 2012, he’s been a very lovable VP to back up our cool black man.

Let’s just take time to recognize the real heroes. The people that do the jobs nobody else wants. The physics teachers, the garbage men, the bloggers. Their lives ain’t easy so don’t take them for granted.





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