O – Sanders wants a Lambo from Osweiler


Lmaooo Emanuel Sanders wants Brock Osweiler to buy him a Lambo. Why is he even asking him this. Sanders should be thanking Brock for helping them get to the Super Bowl. Osweiler is getting paid 13 million dollars more per year than Sanders is. Sanders season in 2015 season was not even that good. He only had 6 touchdowns in the 19 games that he played all season. Osweiler only played in 12 games and had 11 tds to his name. Not gonna lie Sanders was kinda useless. Didn’t even have a single touchdown in the playoffs. Sure he had some big plays here and there but who was impressed, your sister Precious or your son Princeton. Let’s face it, your son is going to grow up with a million fake friends who all laugh at his name behind his back but pretend to be his friend because his dad is an average player in the NFL. Next time Emanuel, ask Brock for maybe a Prius and he might come through. By the dough Brock is bringing in he is doing it right and Sanders is doing it wrong. 


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