The Hammer- It’s Not True, It’s TRU

Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru. Tru.

The Hammer is back to explain a fad (not a fa-… well, ya) of Lincoln: the term “Tru”. defines the word “true” as being in accordance with the actual state or conditions. On the other hand, “tru”, being the root of “true”, is defined as an expression of contentment, satisfaction, goodness, approval, and/or of course, agreement. 

Now I got asked the other day how the word true, and its meaning, could be transformed into such a loosely interpreted word like tru. What I am about to propose to you may start the biggest argument since the penis VS vagina debate… Or maybe it’s the chicken VS the egg, I was never that good in history.

It may be hard to believe, but I have this theory, or scientific hypothesis if you will, that it was actually TRU that came first and true was changed from the meaning of tru, and we are simply going back to the ancient ways of using tru once again.

We are taught that Jesus and his disciples spoke the language Aramaic. This is the language that Tru originated from. I can see it now:

Doctor: “Mary, it’s a boy”

Mary: “I’ll call it Jesus”

Doctor: “Aight, tru tru”


These times were changed through evolution, obviously, leading to the ‘modern’ definition and form of “true”. This newly coined term led to the creation of awful things like true of false questions, that shitty boner killer song True by Spandau Ballet that all of our grandparents listen to on the radio as they struggle to stay in between traffic lines, or even true love.

I applaud our generation for bringing back the world TRU and truly dedicating our origins. We should never forget where we came from. I’d like to give a extra special shoutout to the TRU Squad out of Lincoln, RI who I think had a special hand in making the term catch back on. Jesus is proud of you.

So just know from now on, if you still use the word “true”, you have to get with the times grandma, cause we aren’t stopping for you. This is the 21st century baby. Tru. Leave your thoughts on the TRU vs True debate in the comment section below so I can either agree with you or dismantle your argument like a mechanic going to work on a rapist van.

Hammer down.



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