The Hammer- Steph Curry: Has Jesus Christ Taken the Form of NBA Player?

Last night, Steph Curry took over in overtime setting an NBA OT record of 17 points in the 5 minute period, ALONE, to push the Golden State Warriors past the Portland Trailblazers to go up 3-1 in the series. This was Steph’s first game back from milking a knee injury suffered two weeks back. The following day it was announced that Steph Curry was the first player in NBA history to be unanimously voted MVP of the league. It makes you question if he’s really even human…
Well what if I told you that he wasn’t. Christians have been waiting for the reincarnation of the savior Jesus for centuries, and he may finally be back. Now I’m not gonna tell you for a fact that Steph Curry is Jesus Christ, but here’s what they have in common:

  1. They both put the teams on their back, Steph carrying the weight of the Warriors and Jesus carrying the weight of the Christian people.
  2. There is a bible story saying that Jesus spent THREE days and THREE nights in a tomb, and Steph is best know for his THREE point shot.
  3. There have been claims that images of Jesus has been seen in pure gold visions, “coincidentally” the same color of Steph Curry’s uniform.
  4. After each made three pointer, Curry points up in the sky, almost as if he was thanking someone for his bat shit shot powers. Maybe saying thank you to his father: God?
  5. Curry is a known devout Christian, even being quoted as saying “I can do all things through Christ”. People took this as just a sign of his religious being, but not me. I know just how literal you meant it, Steph. You aren’t tricking the old Hebrew Hammer.
Jesus or Steph?

Maybe, just maybe, Curry is relying on Christ for his spectacular play more than just through faith, for he IS Jesus Christ himself!

Maybe I’m just bullshitting you, but maybe I’m revealing Steph’s deepest darkest secret. All I’m saying is don’t be surprised if Curry goes on a cold streak anytime soon, almost as if he lost his “almighty” powers…

Hammer down.


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