O – Mother’s Day rant 

Before I say anything I’d just like to say that I love my mom. However I’m just sitting here watching the Red Sox Yankees game and everyone and everything on the field is decked out in pink; the balls, the jerseys, the cleats, the hats, the bats and even the umps. Yeah we get it, it’s Mother’s Day, we all love our mothers. I mean Papi is looking fly as always but other than that, it’s over the top. Every year Mother’s Day is like this giant holiday, does anyone even know what date Father’s Day is??? I just looked it up for you its June 19. I’m excited to see if on Father’s Day everyone in the MLB dresses in blue and they have blue balls. Yup I said blue balls, get your mind out of the gutter. I’ll have you know fathers lives do matter. Happy Mother’s Day. #FatherLivesMatter(Sports Center)(Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
Pretty In Pink: Major League Baseball Celebrates Mother’s Day


Jeff Francoeur is rocking some spectacular pink shoes in honor of Mother's Day


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