BDek – The simple and obvious winner in the TLOP vs VIEWS debate

Okay so as far as Hip-Hop/Rap goes, 2016 has been relatively quiet. Young Thug dropped a mixtape but then again he drops one of those every week. Future released a semi-decent album, and Beyoncé made a weird and uncomfortable attempt at extreme feminism that made every white girl in America wet. But up to this point there has really only been 2 real-deal powerhouse albums of 2016 – those albums being The Life of Pablo, and Views. So I feel obligated to begin my writing for The Common Quad with a blog simply addressing why you would be foolish to believe Views is even worthy enough to be mentioned in the same breath as The Life of Pablo.
Understandably, there will always be those who have a deep seated distaste toward Kanye. Typically the over 40s and the TSwift fans still can’t get over how he’s a total douche and arrogant and might’ve married into the most despicable family of all time and blah blah blah. Yeah I might even fucking hate Kanye, but that’s aside the point. No matter how much you hate Mr. West you need to appreciate a masterpiece when you see one. And TLOP is that masterpiece. You can’t even begin to tell me you didn’t shed the first time you heard the beat drop on “Father Stretch My Hands”. And the bridge in “Famous”? Shits unreal, the Sister Nancy sample will always have a soft spot in my heart. Moral of the story, Kanye is a fucking genius, and I might’ve jerked off to TLOP once or twice. 

With that said, the bar was set pretty high for Drake to say the least. You can always expect him to deliver though, and in all honesty I think Views is a good album. I like it. But for a Drake album, it isn’t up to par. He missed the mark by a hair. Drake is supposed to make you cry yourself to sleep one night, then make you feel like you can fuck Rihanna the next. It’s a unique feeling only Drake can convey. Views has its high points, don’t get me wrong, with songs like 9 and One Dance. Solid tracks. But I think the only thing really keeping Views afloat is the fact that it’s is a Drake album. Simple as that. No matter what the man does at this point people will buy it. And it’s been that way since he dropped Take Care (his best of all time by the way, but that’s a story for another day). Unfortunately this was not Drakes year though, and Views is a disappointing representation of this. 

P.S. – Not even confident in the fact Drake has fucked Rihanna yet. Not quite sure how that’s possible, but there’s just no way. 


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  1. User1 says:

    I cannot agree with what is said here. To me TLOP seemed rushed and unorganized with not many high points. IMO wolves, Ultra light beam and Father stretch my hands will be the only things sticking around my playlists. Everything else. Eh. Not impressive. I find Drakes album to be better IMO. Not saying that Kanye’s was not good but I think Drakes album was hyped so much and people were underwhelmed. When he released pop style and one dance early it made everyone think “OMG DRAKE IS GOING TO DROP THE BEST BANGS OF ALL TIME” when instead he released a decent album with excellent advertisement that easily made him millions of dollars more than that of albums that may have been better but leased hyped up. Love Kanye’s music but his album did not feel complete to me and is not compare to college dropout/graduation.

    Ps. Nice blog keep writing!!!!!!

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